Welcome to Javalyn Partners

1 April 2023

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Guidelines

Our Management Team have shown exemplary leadership and have developed a consistent track record in active management and reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance risks in infrastructure investments, both debt and equity

Equator Principles

  • As early as 2003, Sanjay Khettry led the Citigroup team to develop and launch (in concert with three other banks and the IFC) the first-ever comprehensive set of risk mitigation guidelines (the “Equator Principles”) for environmental and social risk review of infrastructure and project financings. Today it is the gold standard in ESG assessments that is embraced by more than 90 global banks and over 30 export credit and multilateral agencies

Sustainable Finance

  • Valentino Gallo was a member of Citi’s Environmental and Social Risk Management Advisory Board and the Sustainability Working Group within the Export Finance Committee at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris

Renewable Energy Financing

The Founders have over 2 decades of experience having advised on, arranged and underwritten project debt financings of many billions of dollars for the construction of dozens of renewable energy projects in the US and overseas that were fueled by wind and solar, hydro, bio-gas, and municipal solid waste. This activity spans our collective careers as debt investors at Barclays and Citigroup

GRESB & UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI)

  • Alinda Capital was a pioneer among infrastructure Fund Managers in joining GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) and Sanjay Khettry was involved in the annual assessments of ESG implementation with respect to his portfolio company investments. Alinda is also a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investments (UN PRI)

ESG Commitment

We will seek out investments in sustainable companies that are involved in:

  • Energy/Water conservation and efficiency
  • Carbon reduction technologies and fuels
  • Advanced and smart automation
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Waste reduction, recycling and management

We will NOT invest in companies involved in:

  • Tobacco or marijuana or other drug related products
  • Gun manufacturing
  • Coal or nuclear fueled power projects
  • Companies that use products based on a supply chain tied to slave or child-labor