Welcome to Javalyn Partners

2 April 2023

What We Offer

  • A unique, customized access to the infrastructure asset class in North America
  • Risk mitigation through exposure to a collateral pool of seasoned, senior and secured loans to operating corporate and project entities
  • A highly diversified portfolio of assets with granular exposure to individual obligors, and with concentration limits on exposure to specific industry sectors, geographic regions, and counterparties
  • A “buy and hold” asset management approach to investments that prioritizes asset quality selection, but capable of prudent trading as and when needed to optimize returns and to reduce risk
  • Prospects for steady and high yields, in double digits, over a 5-7 year holding period, with full capital recovery
  • High degree of transparency as most of the loans in the collateral pool will be rated and tracked by two major rating agencies
  • High degree of liquidity as most of the loans are actively traded in the secondary market with two-way price disclosure by several market brokers
  • Full alignment of management incentives with investors. Management will have “skin in the game” and performance fee hurdles are aligned with portfolio risk and desired leverage
  • Potential of rapid and growing deployment of funds in an untapped and deep $250 Billion leveraged loan market
  • A managed portfolio that adheres to state of the art ESG criteria for infrastructure assets